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Characteristics and use of erythritol in the daily diet


Sweeteners have found their place in many Polish homes for good, and the fattening white sugar extracted from sucrose has been exchanged for a number of worthwhile substitutes. Erythritol is one of the most popular sweeteners, which allows you to enjoy the sweet taste without any unnecessary risk to your daily diet. Learn about the […]

How to lose weight without losing muscle?

How to lose weight without losing muscle

Those who try to improve their weight loss results repeatedly face the problem of losing excessive weight. Careless reduction of adipose tissue and intensive struggle with excessive kilograms make it possible to get rid of much more than planned. How to lose weight without losing muscles and is this even possible? How to lose weight […]

Does the length of training matter in terms of its effectiveness?

Does the length of training matter in terms of its effectiveness

Opinions are still divided. There are almost as many supporters of short and dynamic exercises as fans of a few hour sessions and long workouts in the gym. Which approach is more valuable for achieving the desired results? Does the length of training matter in terms of the results achieved? Does the length of training […]

Which supplements are essential for a vegan diet?

Supplements for a vegan diet?

Many people say that supplements for a vegan diet are completely unnecessary. Some of them, however, seem essential in order to provide the body with a sufficient source of valuable active ingredients. So which ones should you choose? Essential supplements for a vegan diet: protein supplements Even a properly-balanced vegan diet requires additional support, especially […]

Is it worthwhile to do plyometric exercises?

Is it worthwhile to do plyometric exercises

Apart from classic weight training or running tens of kilometres on a treadmill, you can try something completely different. Plyometric exercises will help to provide your muscles with completely new stimuli, allowing you to shape your body and improve your overall performance. What are plyometric exercises? Plyometric training is defined as a set of exercises […]

Properties and characteristics of ginger – why is it worth using?

Properties and characteristics of ginger - why is it worth using

Improving the taste of specific dishes is not the only task of spices. Often their use is associated with a number of valuable benefits, which are the result of providing many valuable nutrients Ginger is one of the spices with positive properties for the human body. Here are the characteristics of this popular plant! Ginger: […]

Butt exercises – performance, effects, advantages

Butt exercises – performance, effects, advantages

A large number of women still face the problem of not having a satisfactory appearance of their butt. Dozens of hours spent doing training, litres of poured sweat and optimally balanced macronutrients do not bring the desired effect? Apparently, the problem lies with exercises that may only seem effective! Find out which exercises should be […]

Hamstring exercises that are worth doing

hamstring exercises

Having no idea how to properly take care of the development of your hamstrings? Don’t worry! We would like to present some excellent exercises for the hamstrings which are worth including in your training plan! Why is it worth doing hamstring exercises? The term “hamstrings” is defined as one of the three elements that contribute […]

Global campaign GO FOR IT! / “Together to the top”launches

Go For It

Olimp Sport Nutrition brand begins thecooperation with athletes and will support them with supplements on their journey to achieve success. We make history together. Hard work,hectolitersof sweat poured on trainingsgreat sacrifices and above all passion define great athletes and deserve recognition. Keeping that in mind we introduce our campaign #GoForIt / #TogetherToTheTop. It is a […]