For Kasi it was debut in these competitions. Debut as successful as possible. “10 weeks of preparation, two injuries, but I did not give up and earned it !! Still a lot of work ahead of me, but it takes up the challenge! – she wrote on her profile on Facebook shortly after the competition.

Supported by Olimp Sport Nutrition Kasia Dziurska has so far been on the podium in the competition in Poland. Now she has also been successful in the international arena. “Thank you to all who were with me, helped and endured,” said Dziurska.

Arnold Classic is a professional bodybuilding competition that has been going on since 1989. Organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger. They enjoy a high reputation among the competitors, many of which take off every year.

On the Old Continent is Arnold Classic Europe, which this year, as in the previous year, took place in Barcelona.




Make sure you visit our stand at the upcoming ARNOLD CLASSIC that will take place in Barcelona (Spain) between the 22nd – 24th of September.

It will be a great chance to meet with our athletes and special guests.

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We are glad to announce that an international credit information agency, Creditreform, awarded Olimp Laboratories with the Certificate of Credibility for very good payment capability.

The Reliability Certificate is awarded by Creditreform on the basis of analysis of several parameters and indices included in a payment credibility report (i.e. manner of payment, creditworthiness, age, legal form, as well as the following indices: profitability, liquidity, debt, turnover, and many others).



Make sure you visit our stand at upcoming RIMINIWELLNESS that will take place in Rimini, Italy between 1th and 4th June.

It will be great chance to meet with our athletes and special guests. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address at our hostesses and grab your freebie bag. OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION STAND   PAV: A7 Booth 167



The world’s leaders always seek partners of an equal rank. That is why today marks the establishment of cooperation between Olimp Laboratories and the Lang Team together with Tour de Pologne. Olimp Laboratories has become the Official Partner of 74. Tour de Pologne.

“We have been a part of Polish sport for years by supporting various events, teams and particular sports people. Our products are meant to support their everyday training and effort aimed at achieving success. Now the time has come to join the biggest Polish cycling race, Tour de Pologne, which is internationally perceived as our hallmark. It was just a matter of time before we became the partner of the race” says Stanisław Jedliński, the Director of the Board of Olimp Laboratories sp. z o.o., who is also a fan of motorsports. “Before I took an interest in cars, I was keen on cycling. Back when I was younger I used to complete long distances, even as much as 200 km on my bike. Thus, my passion for cycling has not and will not fade away. That is just a beginning of our cooperation” he adds.

Over 25 years of experience of Olimp Labs

Olimp Laboratories sp. z o.o. is a Polish pharmaceutical company established in 1990. The company operates as a member of the Capital Group, which includes Nutrifarm Sp. z o.o. and Olimp Laboratories GmbH in Germany, Italy, Spain, as well as a branch in the USA.

In August 2015, the long term strategy of research development, resulted in the opening of the Research and Development Centre – one of the most innovative such institutions within the European pharmaceutical and DS market. Only during the last 10 years the Olimp – Nutrifarm Capital Group assigned 315 million PLN to new technologies and development.

Regular investment in research and development enables the production of high-quality pharmaceuticals, which support the Client’s health in the best possible way. The focus on quality and safety of the produced substances has been recognised worldwide. Currently, the company has the status of an international enterprise and its products are exported to over 70 countries. “Quality has always been our priority, no matter the cost. We accepted no compromise if the quality was at stake. That is why we are present on the markets all over the world” states director Jedliński.

The main objective of the company is to improve its Clients’ comfort of life, health and vitality. It is achieved through the development of scientific cooperation with universities and research facilities, as well as through allocating financial means to technological equipment. Olimp Labs has been developing its scientific and research potential, which enables production of effective and innovative pharmaceuticals.

Strong partner for Tour de Pologne

“We are glad that such a dynamic company has joined our team. I am happy of the fact that it is a Polish company that has the chance of presenting itself in the race. Due to this cooperation, this year’s Tour will feature new elements. This year we slightly modified the route. What is for sure, we will start in Cracow, as it signifies for Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour the same thing as Paris means for Tour de France – says Czesław Lang, the General Director of the Lang Team. – We share a very similar history, Mr. Stanisław Jedliński, the founder of Olimp Laboratories, and I. He started his company from scratch and is now the leader of the world’s pharmaceutical market with seven branches in Europe and in the USA. We created Tour de Pologne from scratch as well and now we have our place in the UCI World Tour calendar. Moreover, together with Olimp Laboratories we will have an opportunity to show the cycling world what it means to have proper, I repeat, proper!, support. And they are the best for the role” adds Czesław Lang.

Stage V: Olimp Nagawczyna – Rzeszów

The route of the 74. Tour de Pologne, which will take place between 29th July and 4th August, will be announced on 15th May during the gala which will take place at the BGŻ BNP Paribas cycling track in Pruszków. Today we may only talk about the details of the 5th stage of the race (2nd August) which will be 130 km long.

A neutral start is planned to take place in Pustynia, next to the modern Research and Development Centre created by Olimp Labolatories. From Pustynia, the participants will ride to Nagawczyna and start the 5th stage near the headquarters of the company. The stage will finish in Rzeszów.
“Great cycling returns to Dębica. I remember the participants of the Peace Race filling the streets of our town, now we will witness Tour de Pologne” said Mateusz Borek, a journalist working for Polsat Sport, who hosted the press conference concerning the signing of the agreement between Olimp Laboratories and the Lang Team.