Mimi Ruth is a Fitness Coach and Olimp Athlete. She motivates people to get into the best shape of their life in a healthy, sustainable way. She creates motivating and inspiring content on a daily basis, so if you’re looking for some extra motivation, go give her a follow.

Mimi decided to partner up with Olimp because she can fully identify herself with the mission of becoming the best version of herself. She discovered that our products can be used not only by professional athletes but by anyone who wants to improve their fitness level.

Her number one fitness goal is to show females that they can get strong without losing their femininity. Strong is sexy is her mantra and since she started using our products she noticed a great deal of improvement in her physique. She’s getting stronger and leaner with every day and she’s ready to show you that you can do the same.

Mimi biggest dream is to create a fitness and health retreat for members of the community she created. It would be a place of inspiration and motivation to keep pushing toward your fitness goals and improving overall wellness.


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