Edgard John-Augustin aka Bionicbody is a 35 years old French bodybuilder and Olimp Sport Nutrition Ambassador. He’s also a loving husband and a father to three boys. He is determined and very strong-willed athlete. When he sets his mind on something he just finds a way to achieve it.

Edgar has been on our team for five years now and over the years we have not only get to know him, but he simply become part of our family. He says that Olimp Team is a big part of his life and his support system. He admits that he was using Olimp products from the very beginning of his training career, and our products really helped him progress when he first started training 14 years ago.

Signing up with Olimp was a true dream come true for Edgar. He already knew and loved the brand and has been using the products for years.

He’s biggest dream is to stand on the legendary Mr. Olympia stage, but given he can’t compete in the Men’s Wheelchair Bodybuilding category and they don’t have his category, it will forever remain just a dream. Despite that, he doesn’t give up on competing and continues to participate in other pro shows because he simply loves it.

He likes to stay active therefore he thinks of adding another sport category to his bodybuilding career. He keeps it a secret for now, but if you’re interested in finding out more, make sure you follow him on social media and be first to know!


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