Butt exercises – performance, effects, advantages

Butt exercises – performance, effects, advantages

A large number of women still face the problem of not having a satisfactory appearance of their butt. Dozens of hours spent doing training, litres of poured sweat and optimally balanced macronutrients do not bring the desired effect? Apparently, the problem lies with exercises that may only seem effective! Find out which exercises should be included in your training plan to grow and enhance your gluteal muscles!

Why is it worth doing butt exercises?

The benefits of butt exercises can be divided into two main groups. The first one is, of course, aesthetic and visual benefits – developed, firm and aesthetically highlighted glute muscles are a priority for many women. Many times the shaped butt adds incredible charm to the silhouette and strongly demonstrates a passion for an active lifestyle.

The second and much more important advantage of systematic work when doing butt exercises is the real improvement of the functional capabilities of the body. First of all, gluteal muscles are important structures in the context of maintaining optimal pelvic stability – they are the ones that enable the control of its anterior and posterior tilt, which is one of the elements of the lumbar section of the spine that safeguards against injuries (e.g. when carrying a heavy load). In addition, gluteal muscles allow for:

  • maintaining a correct body posture during certain exercises (e.g. military press),
  • optimal execution of the movement pattern (squatting),
  • stabilisation of the body during endurance training and dynamic exercises (e.g. while running)

Butt exercises to be performed in the gym

Training of gluteal muscles can be performed in the gym and at home. In the first variant there is a chance to perform many worthwhile exercises with professional weights, which is an additional stimulus for the butt. The training plan aimed at developing and emphasizing this body part will not be complete without such exercises as:

  • glute bridge/hip thrust
  • different variations of the deadlift
  • various types of squats
  • various types lunges with added weight

Butt exercises in home training

Many people are more and more willing to take up workouts at home, which is due to a number of issues – saving time and money, excessive workloads at home or a better way to maintain an appropriate level of immunity and reduce unnecessary social contact. Which forms of activity will work best in this regard?

  • jumping squats
  • swinging the legs to the side while kneeling
  • hip thrusts
  • straightening the legs while kneeling
  • swinging the legs up while kneeling

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