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5 bodyweight exercises!

5 bodyweight exercises

Are you not a fan of training with additional weights? Are you looking for a solution for training your whole body without the use of any equipment? We would like to present 5 effective bodyweight exercises that will help you to engage your muscles and support developing your athletic body shape! 5 bodyweight exercises: push […]

Quadriceps thigh muscles stretching exercises

Quadriceps thigh muscles

Each workout should be started with a solid warm-up which will prepare the muscles for further work. After the workout, it is worthwhile to perform stretching exercises, which may prove to be a valuable solution for maintaining an optimal level of mobility. In the case of leg muscles, and specifically the popular “quads”, we would […]

Calf exercises that should be included in the training plan

Calf exercises

Powerfully built legs are not only large thighs and well-rounded butt. Many people forget that calf muscles also require their place in the training program. What calf exercises should be included in the training plan? Calf exercises – a few words about the anatomy The rear group of shin muscles is commonly referred to as […]

5 best exercises to improve hip mobility!

hip mobility

Working on the mobility of the musculoskeletal system is one of the most important aspects in the context of proper exercise technique. Is there a chance for even better results with regular hip mobility training? Find out the top 5 exercises to improve hip mobility. Why is it worth doing exercises to improve hip mobility? […]

What should a dynamic warm-up look like?

dynamic warm-up

Warming up before training is extremely important to ensure the optimum level of effectiveness of the exercises. Below we suggest what a dynamic warm-up should look like and what you should know about it. What is a dynamic warm-up? Dynamic warm-up is a concept synonymous with the term dynamic stretching. This term is used to […]

Does the length of training matter in terms of its effectiveness?

Does the length of training matter in terms of its effectiveness

Opinions are still divided. There are almost as many supporters of short and dynamic exercises as fans of a few hour sessions and long workouts in the gym. Which approach is more valuable for achieving the desired results? Does the length of training matter in terms of the results achieved? Does the length of training […]

Is it worthwhile to do plyometric exercises?

Is it worthwhile to do plyometric exercises

Apart from classic weight training or running tens of kilometres on a treadmill, you can try something completely different. Plyometric exercises will help to provide your muscles with completely new stimuli, allowing you to shape your body and improve your overall performance. What are plyometric exercises? Plyometric training is defined as a set of exercises […]

Butt exercises – performance, effects, advantages

Butt exercises – performance, effects, advantages

A large number of women still face the problem of not having a satisfactory appearance of their butt. Dozens of hours spent doing training, litres of poured sweat and optimally balanced macronutrients do not bring the desired effect? Apparently, the problem lies with exercises that may only seem effective! Find out which exercises should be […]

Hamstring exercises that are worth doing

hamstring exercises

Having no idea how to properly take care of the development of your hamstrings? Don’t worry! We would like to present some excellent exercises for the hamstrings which are worth including in your training plan! Why is it worth doing hamstring exercises? The term “hamstrings” is defined as one of the three elements that contribute […]