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Start the Fight Against Cellulite and Stretch Marks!

Cellulite and Stretch Marks

How do you get rid of cellulite and stretch marks? What are the greatest enemies of the female body? All ladies would probably agree that there are no more troublesome imperfections than cellulite and stretch marks! How should they be prevented? What can you do to avoid getting them? Which methods prove effective? Can you […]

Physical activity while menstruating – yes or no?

Physical activity while menstruating

Menstruation can be quite problematic for many women, and often leads to various sacrifices. Is the common belief of limiting physical activity during menstruation right? When the hard days come Every month, the female body informs us of the upcoming menstrual cycle. Depressed mood, mood deterioration, lack of energy and sometimes intense abdominal pain are […]

Rubber training bands – a real breakthrough in buttock training!

Rubber training bands

Can you develop a beautiful figure and firm buttocks using rubber training  bands? Long hours at gym, and you still cannot achieve the desired effect? Maybe it is worth choosing a completely new dimension of exercise? Leave behind the weights for a moment, give up and forget about exercising on various machines, and try durable […]


Shoulders are probably the most prominent muscles of the human body. If big and nicely shaped, they manifest the owner’s masculinity, health and strength. For this very reason, you may want to know more about a proper deltoid training.   A good shoulder workout The deltoids are three-headed muscles, with the Anterior, Lateral, and Posterior head. Each […]


Strong and perfectly built shoulder muscles are every man’s dream. Unfortunately, it may happen that even though you train hard, they will stay unchanged, without showing any signs of progress. How to build enviable shoulders?  Shoulder Anatomy The main function of shoulder muscles is to properly position your hands in virtually every movement you make. In fact, […]

Shoulder training. How to develop a v-shaped body?

How to develop a V-shaped body? Try shoulder training. V-shape body is desired by many. If you are asking yourself how to get a v shaped body, the answer is shoulders. Shoulders with well-developed back muscles give the body a V-shape, which is a desired feature of bodybuilders. With an appropriately chosen shoulder routine you […]


Beautiful and strong shoulders is the first thing that strikes the eye in persons involved in bodybuilding “for real”.  Strong shoulder muscles mean a strong biceps and a strong triceps. How to work out to make these muscles grow effectively? Triceps and biceps. Facts. Biceps lies on the front part of the upper arm, between […]